• Uniforms help encourage school spirit by enhancing a sense of pride and unity and they lead to a more
    conducive learning Environment All students are expected to be properly dressed for school and to wear
    the school uniform daily, unless otherwise announced by the relevant School Offices.
  • All students must wear the official school uniform every day.
  • PE uniforms may only be worn on PE days.
  • Clothing of similar colors is not acceptable.
  • Jeans jackets are not acceptable as an outer cover-up at any time.
  • On out-of-uniform days or at after-school functions,clothing should be in
    keeping with the academic environment of the school.

Proper Appearance And Neatness Is Mandatory:

1- School uniform is obligatory, especially during field trips.

2- The uniform should be clean and ironed.

3- Girls with long hair should have it healthy tied back.

4- Boys’ hair should be cut reasonably.

5- Students’ nails, ears, hair, and clothes will be routinely checked.

6- Jewelry is not allowed in school.

7- Football shoes are prohibited at school.