primary 2 trip to my town (13)

School Rules
1- Students should arrive on time for lessons.
2- Students should make sure that the homework is completed, handed in time properly.
3- Girls should not wear jewelry or makeup.
4- Boys should not use hair-gel.
5- Students will not be accepted into class wearing inappropriate uniform.
6- The uniform should be clean and ironed.
7- Jeans is not acceptable for girls or boys.
8- Football shoes are prohibited only black snickers are allowed.
9- Mobiles, IPODs, MP3s, 4, 5 are not allowed in school.
10- Students who will misbehave in the bus will be deprived from taking the bus.
11- Students are totally forbidden to take a different bus other than his / her specified bus.
12- Toys are not allowed in school.
13- Chewing gum, fizzy drinks, and nuts are not allowed in school.