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Refund Policy

In accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Education regarding, the policy of refunding tuition fees in the event of a parent requesting a refund of expenses for transfer to another school or in the event of non-payment of fees:

1- In case the student is transferred from the school before 8/31, the full amount of settled fees will be refunded

2- In case the transfer procedures are initiated as of 1/9 and before the begging of the academic year, the refund will be made after deducting 10% of the value of the first installment


3- If the transfer procedures are initiated after the start of the school year, the first installment of tuition fees will not be refunded, and in case of the full tuition was settled, the first installment will be deducted from it and the rest of the amount is refunded

4- If the transfer is initiated after the beginning of the second semester, the full tuition as due, and the parent is not entitled to any refund.