All students are expected to abide to the following regulations in classrooms
and hallways:
1- Step into and out of your classroom quietly & in a line.
2- Don’t push your classmates because you are in a hurry.
3- Place your school bag next to your desk.
4- Don’t leave your place without seeking your teacher’s permission.
5- Raise up your hand for permission to talk or to answer a question.
6- Don’t shout or scream.
7- Don’t interrupt, respect others’ turns.
8- Bring along all your tools to avoid borrowing from your classmates
9- Don’t forget your books or copybooks.
10- Don’t scribble, draw or write on your desk or on the walls.
11- Don’t lean your foot on the walls.
12- Don’t eat during lessons.
13- Don’t throw any litter on the floor or on the ground.
14- Keep your desk clean and tidy.
  Don’t leave the class room, wait for your teacher in the class.