KG1 Students getting into school life (9)

Academic Evaluation
The evaluation and assessment of children’s academic and general progress is an integral part
of the child’s life in school. The communication of this information takes the following forms:
1- Reports: Parents will receive two written reports of their child’s progress during the year
These will be taken home early in the New Year and just after the end of the school year in late May.
Reports will outline the student’s progress in all areas of the
curriculum and are written by the class teacher responsible.
Reports should be returned to the class teacher signed by
parent for acknowledgement in a maximum delay of 3 days.
2- Individual Appointments: Parents are able to make an appointment to see a member of staff
at any time during the school year to discuss the progress of their child if they feel it is necessary.
Each teacher also has their own school e-mail address for direct contact. They do not however
have the opportunity to check these throughout the day and so some time may elapse
before a message is received and a reply given.
3- Channel Book: Each child receives a Channel Book on the first school day.
Through the Channel Book the teacher will communicate to parents the work being
carried out each week, and in which the parents may communicate with the teacher if desired.
4- E-mail: Each teacher has an individual e-mail address for both
sending and receiving school related information.