Attendence, Absence & Tardiness Policy
Attendance, Absence, & Tardiness Policy
All students are expected to arrive to school on time and to attend all scheduled classes regularly.
Student’s attendance is checked every morning.
In case of absence, parents are required to contact the School Reception Desk to notify about their child’s absence, and documentation is required upon the student’s return.
In case of absence for up to 2 days, a note from the parents is required to justify the absence.
In case of absence for more than 2 days due to illness, parents are requested to send a medical certificate issued by the doctor explaining reasons for absence and assuring student’s full recovery and his ability to resume attending school and the student will be re-examined by the school doctor.
In this respect, the school appreciates cooperation from parents to maintain the school environment as healthy as possible to ensure a safe stay for all our children.
Planned excuse notes from parents will be accepted only after being confirmed via a phone call with the parent by the Reception Desk. Students without a planned and confirmed excuse note from their parents will not be allowed to leave the school until the end of the school day.
Students should not plan to leave school for such reasons as medical appointments or early travel plans. These need to be scheduled out of school hours.
Students who are participating in a school sponsored event or activity are expected to be in attendance on the day of the event or activity. In such cases, absence from classes due to participation in school sponsored events, activities or field trips are counted as the student being present.
All absences count, There are no excused or unexcused absences.
When a student accumulates 5 unexcused absences, a parent conference is required. 10 days absences are the maximum number allowed per school year.
Students who are tardy to school must check-in at the Reception Desk. An excused tardy exists only when acceptable reasons are given to the Head of School / Discipline.