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School Magazine Aims

School Magazine Aims

The school magazine for us, like any other important professional magazine, is aiming for a lot of targets. Such as:

1-Introducing the students’ activities to parents.

2-Delivering scientific, cultural and sport news to students so that they stay updated with the latest news from around the world.

3-Expressing students’ thoughts and future aspirations.

Also the magazine aims to improve the following skills:

1-Students’ lingual, writing and intellectual skills.

2-Students’ literature and poetry interests.

3- Acquiring job skills to help students in their future career.

4-Nurturing and improving individual hobbies and skills to their maximum ability.

School magazine benefits:

There are many things that students can learn and acquire such as:

1-Learning how to write scientific research, short essays, funny stories or news reviews.

2-Learning how to conduct an interview and prepare proper questions.

3-Learning how to plan, organize and how to manage time.

4-Taking responsibility for searching sources of information, which will lead to acquiring self learning skills.

5-Improving students’ abilities to study, understand and think.

Some of what we said here represents what modern education methods ask us to apply, and what we must do to improve the quality of learning. In fact, issuing the school magazine fulfills an important goal of modern teaching methods, which is giving students a key role in the learning process, to be well prepared to be good citizens in a prosperous society.

The school magazine does not serve as publicity for the school. It is an important part of the activities outside the classroom, which should accompany the direct academic educational process.

The school magazine is an overview of studies, research and projects that everybody takes a part in : administration, teachers, students and some parents. And it’s a glimpse of the outside world.

Editor in chief,

Mr. ElSawy Ebrahim



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