• The school library encourages all students to love reading, love reading, and passion for
    science and knowledge, as it provides the community with an educated and aware
    generation that has the ability to develop and develop the community.
  • The school library offers a lot of cultural and educational activities, as it raises the cultural
    level of all students and helps them develop their skills, raise their awareness and form
    their personality.
  • Within the school library there are many areas for research, skills development and many
    teaching aids.
  • The school library displays some educational films that provide students with documented
    information with pictures and sound, so it is easier for the student to absorb the information.
  • It helps students to increase their self-learning as it develops students’ desire for knowledge
    and increases their ability to self-education.
  • All students are encouraged to search for the information they need for themselves, whether
    through printed books or through the Internet.

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