• The Evaluation and Assessment Of Children’s Academic And General Progress is an Integral Part
    Of The Childs Life In School. The Communication Of This Information Taked The Following Forms:
  • 1- Reports: Parents Will Receive Two Written Reports Of Their Child,s Progress During The Year
  • These will be taken home early in the New Year and just after the end of the
    school year in late May.
  • Reports will outline the student’s progress in all areas of the curriculum and
    are written by the class teacher responsible.
  • Reports should be returned to the class teacher signed by parent for
    acknowledgement in a maximum delay of 3 days.
  • 2- Individual Appointments: Parents Are Able To Make An Appointment To See a Member Of Staff
    at any time during the school year to discuss the progress of their child if they
    feel it is necessary.
  • Each teacher also has their own school e-mail address for direct contact.
  • They do not however have the opportunity to check these throughout the day
    and so some time may elapse before a message is received and a reply given.
  • 3- Channel Book: Each Child Receive A Channel Book On The First School Day.
  • Through the Channel Book the teacher will communicate to parents the work
    being carried out each week and in which the parents may communicate with
    the teacher if desired.
  • 4- E-mail: Each Teacher Has An Individual e-mail Address For Both 
  • sending and receiving school related information.